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At Friendly Handyman, we specialise in all types of domestic errands that you may want to have it done the soonest time possible. The wide range of services which our professionals are capable of is always done at its highest possible standards. That is why no matter what household job you may require, we can always provide it to you excellently.

If you have any questions regarding our domestic services at Friendly Handyman, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 020-3322-6025. Our staffs are always ready to answer your calls and provide you with services that you just need.

Our Domestic Services

We are capable of providing our customers with the following services that could ease your problems and make your lives more convenient. These are:

  • Carpentry

    We are very much proficient in all types of carpentry jobs. Whether you require us to do some adjustments on your doors or installing and fitting locks, we can all carry it out professionally just for you. Here are the things that we can do for you:

    • Flooring
    • Walls
    • Cupboard doors
    • Shelves
    • Doors
    • Locks
    • Windows
    • Other kitchen units

    If you cannot find the specific carpentry job that you wish to let our handyman do, call us at 020-3322-6025. Our professionals are flexible enough to take care of all you carpentry needs.

  • Bespoke Joinery

    Aside from doing basic carpentry jobs, our handyman at Friendly Handyman also offers services on bespoke joinery. Such items are usually made on our workshop. With adequate skills and training, everything will be carried out exceptionally well.

    Our quality craftsmanship can provide you with the following:

    • Front doors
    • Windows
    • Bookcases
    • Wardrobes
    • And a lot more!

    Do you already have something in mind? Contact us at 020-3322-6025 today. Our handyman can right away take care of all your personal needs.

  • Decorating

    As an all-around help in the house, our handyman can also do decorating services such as plastering, painting, wall repairing and many more. They know very well how to make things extraordinarily well and guarantee you with a perfect finish.

    You may require other related services to decorating. Whatever your requirement may be, we can have it all covered. Feel free to give us a call at 020-3322-6025. With us, you will never have to look for anyone else.

  • Plumbing

    Our handymen at Friendly Handyman are all capable of fixing your dripping taps and leaking pipes. They have the basic skills to undertake all kinds of plumbing jobs that you may require them to do. If you are experiencing similar problems that need to be done immediately, give us a call right away at 020-3322-6025. We are the very people whom you can always rely on 24/7.

  • Odd jobs

    There are some instances wherein you may require jobs that are very unusual. Our handymen can professionally take care of it no matter how simple or complicated it could be. That is why if you think you cannot do it all by yourself, please do call our handyman at 020-3322-6025 and have things done the way you wanted it to be.

  • Electrical

    Electrical jobs are the ones that should be trusted only to the professionals. If not, you may be risking your life for doing something that you are not familiar with. A handyman can take care of all your electrical needs at home. Whether you want to do a rewiring or replacing sockets, we can handle it all for you. So do not take the risk of doing it all by yourself. Call us at 020-3322-6025 and have it done by our professional handyman.

You may not be able to find the exact service that you need for your home. Nevertheless, please do give us a call at 020-3322-6025. Our staffs can help you deal with your problems through our reliable professionals.