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What does a Friendly Handyman's handyman capable of?

Our handyman specialises on all types of house and office jobs ranging from small and simple jobs to the medium ones. These can usually be done by any individual but are ideal to be entrusted to a skilful handyman who is always available to attend to all your needs.

How am I going to book for an appointment with your team?

There are actually 3 options for you to book an appointment with us. First, you can give us a call at 020-3322-6025 which will then be answered by our friendly and accommodating staffs. Second, you may fill out the form that we provide on this site. Upon receipt, we will immediately inform you and book the service that you need. Finally, you may send us an email. Within 24 hours, we will provide you with our reply and scheduled booking.

Are you available on weekends and holidays?

Yes, our handymen at Friendly Handyman are available to provide you with services on weekends and holidays. Just give us a prior notice so that we would be able to set a schedule on your requirements. Setting an appointment beforehand is very much appreciated.

What kind of service can we expect from your handyman?

At Friendly Handyman, you can always expect a service that is carried out at the highest possible standards. It can always be assured that our handyman will be doing your errands professionally with a promise of quality workmanship. You can rely on the skills and knowledge that our handyman has at all times.

What are the services that you can offer?

We have a wide range of domestic and commercial services that we offer. Our handymen are capable of doing plumbing, electrical, decorating, carpentry, exteriors, interiors and other odd jobs that you would eventually require from us. Give us a call at 020-3322-6025 to know more about what we can exclusively do for you.

How are we charged by your handyman?

You are only charged according to the service that our handyman provides. Sometimes, we do the charging by hour and offer a discounted rate for jobs that usually takes time. With a fair pricing and an affordable rate, you will never have to look much further.

Do you provide estimates for the jobs we require?

Our experience in this field has made us adept in all types of small jobs and errands that you may require. That is why, technically, we can give you an idea or an estimate of how long does it take for our handyman to complete the job that you would require.

Are you all fully insured?

Yes. Our handymen are fully insured. That is why you do not need to worry about any incidental costs because everything is taken care of by our public liability insurance.

Are you available 24/7?

All our handymen are available round the clock in order to provide you with the exact service that you need most especially on your emergencies. When you give us a call, we will immediately attend to your needs.

Do you consider taking larger jobs than you usually do?

If we know we can do it, we accept doing such job. With our years of experience we can already assess which jobs we can undertake effectively and which jobs should be directed to the experts. But nevertheless, we can really assure that when we work, we always do it at the highest possible standards.

Do you subcontract the services that we require?

No. We never subcontract our services. The handyman that we will send you are all directly hired by the company. Every handyman in our company undergoes rigorous training and examination to measure their skills and capabilities in undertaking simple household and commercial jobs that you would require. For more inquiries about our professional handyman, feel free to give us a call at 020-3322-6025.

What areas do you cover?